Photographs of the Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow – Thomas Annan

by wwilmawatts


Thomas Annan Old Closes of Glasgow

The Victorian era saw an unprecedented urbanisation of society as the draw of factory work (and the promise of supposed riches) lured millions of the young and hopeful away from the backbreaking despair of the countryside. Britain established the model for industrial development that is being used today in China.  Throughout the nineteenth century, industrial cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Glasgow to name a few became the centres of heavy industry and a source of massive wealth for a small group of people. Most of the unfortunates who actually did the heavy, dangerous and backbreaking toil for a pittance were consigned to slums of shoddily built houses with no sanitation, running water or basic amenities. For the dubious privilege of living there landlords charged massive rents to already exploited people.

Thomas Annan Old Closes of Glasgow

In Victorian society marked by strict hierarchical division based on class and the appearance of outward respectability, the…

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